Sunday, January 30, 2011

No one ever found Noah's Ark

The hard-core fundamentalists love forwarding links to sites like this one, alleging to provide archeological proof of various fantasies from The Bible -- such as Noah's Ark.

Here is a good resource for understanding the bunk behind these alleged findings.

What's funny, I think is how they keep finding Noah's Ark. It seems one time just wasn't enough!  Check this link for more.

Anyway, even Answers in Genesis knows all this Ark nonsense is totally absurd.

But, if you still need to know more, this is a great link on the science that would be necessary for a global flood.  And even if you only believe half of the science, the story is still ridiculous.

Just like other flood stories we all know are fiction, like Atlantis.


  1. Everyday there are literally thousands of tons of space dust falling upon us. No one seems to ever consider this, but what it means is that the earth is allot bigger in size weight and all since the flood and today the earth does not hold enough waters to flood everyone anymore. And yeah they have found Noah's ark right were the Bible tells us that it is supposed to be. I guess you tried you couldn't and you gave up. I understand that it is impossible to live here and that's why we all die. What do you want to be God? Well, good luck.

    1. Your claim that "Space dust makes the planet bigger and therefore unfloodable" is ridiculous and unsubstantiated. You are merely covering one fairy tale with another.
      1) If the entire Earth were flooded for the good part of the year, all of the plant life on the surface would die.
      2) The biblical size of the boat is insufficient size to carry the cargo as described, let alone feed it for months and months.
      3) After the ark landed, how did the kangaroos (and the other 200 Australian marsupials) migrate to the Australian region? And why didn't they migrate anywhere else?
      Your story is ridiculous and has no basis in observable facts.

    2. There was no global flood. At least not just a few thousand years age. Evidence from different fields proves this. No, they have never found anything that could be said to be Noah's Ark. It is impossible to live here and that's why we die? What are you talking about? ''God'' is nothing other than an imaginary concept.

  2. I haven't heard this one before...can you provide links to scientific evidence for this? Here is a link discussing "Flood Geology"
    Is noah's ark on display somewhere for scientific research?

  3. Type "best evidence of noahs ark mt ararat" and it on google earth

  4. Creationism-as stupid as you are.